I hate my Fuji XPro 1

my first impressions working with Fuji XPro1

I thought about buying a new camera for a long while. Somehow I got the idea that I wanted to change and simplify everything about my photography, including my gear. I looked at cameras now available and the biggest departure from where I was to where I wanted to go to, was a simple rangefinder. Somehow I got on to Fuji. The X 100 was not it. Then the whole XPro1 frenzy started on the web and I convinced myself that this was my new playground. I became sure that everything about it was right and the only discomfort might be the rangefinder type viewer. I wish I would be that lucky.
I went as far as pre-buying it. That never happened before. (stupid idea).
The packaging is stunning. Put the whole thing together, 60 mmm lens, and took my first shot. The very next day I became deeply depressed in knowledge that this was a huge mistake. I hated that thing and everything about it. I had an idea to email my dealer and ask him to take it back and exchange it for anything else. I was too embarrassed so I didn't. Two weeks later I hated it even more. The battery lasts (it seems like) 10 min. My hands are in a wrong place all the time. Every time I pick it up, I turn OFF or ON button by accident. I'm crowding all the controls on my right, the screen changes by itself, the exposure compensation button is in every place but on 0. I walk around shooting images and yelling at the camera. I swear at it and I shoot a frame and I swear again and I shoot a frame again. Makes for a really long day. Sometimes there is momentary break from all this, the camera freezes and all is peaceful for 30 or 40 sec. Life is good for a moment. Next, no diopter adjustments. Are you kidding me? The shutter button is loose and week and slow.
No real time feel at all. And the greatest pain of all.. auto focus speed. It has two speeds, annoying and infuriating. Shinny objects and car windows confuse it like a little child. But you look at this thing and it's beautiful. It is simple, it's very elegant and understated. It feels very pro and exudes the look of quality.
At the end of all this , there is an image and oh what an image it is. It's tight and precise, the detail is stunning, the range is so good. Blacks whites and all the grey in between. What I photograph is the same but the look of everything is completely different. It did slow me down.. good. It made me look at everything little different.. good. So I got my wish (be careful what you wish for).
I had the firmware upgrade yesterday and the difference is very small. By now I'm tired of being angry with my Fuji. I take it as is, embrace the pain, develop patience for it's pace and just enjoy the images. And I DO.
I went one on one with my camera and XPro1 beat me.
The very first photograph I took with my XPro1.
Silver & crystal in Agi's credenza.
My favourite knife. 
Best in town.
 My father's watch and tools. 
Plant in my office.
The only shoe to buy.
My wife's bicycle in our garage. 
Gate keepers. 
Town centre. Soon to be.
Fresh wood.
and the tree says.. I was here first.
hwy 401
Always building something.
It's so tight everywhere.
You sit in an office, and I hang in the thin air to earn my living.
After a day of working in the yard, this came out of the bottom of my boot. my name happens to be Adrian.
New neighbourhood raising, as reflected in a pond.
For comfort, this tree has it's own cloud.
Underground garage. the light in there is almost nightmarish.
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